Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, after nearly three weeks of art camp, I'm dubious as to how portfolio worthy the thinks I've created in class are. I have two character sheets, two three-dee models, a digital painting in progress, and scads of figure drawings, most of which are gestural and only one of which appears remotely finished. And now, only hours after I created said drawing, just looking at it makes me kind of sick. It amuses me how I can be intensely proud of a piece and then quickly come to hate it. It's just that the drawing in question looks a fair bit flatter and a good bit more hideous than it seemed upon completion. For the sake of keeping this blog updated, I will post the drawing in question.

I just. Ugh. Looks kind of horrendous. I felt like I had a great gesture, but after an hour of working it seems like everything went downhill. CRIPES. At least we have one more session of figure drawing, so maybe I'll be able to create a more worthwhile observational piece.

Anyway, I've long since realized that art camp is just a teaser for art school, but I'm doubting whether or not the effort I exerted has been sufficient to make up for the short time I have here.

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