Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hoover rave

My latest assignment for perspective. I sacrificed too many hours of sleep. I loved the line-art, but got really insecure and hesitant when it came time to add the values. It was ridiculous. The fact that I hadn't slept the night before didn't help. Anyway. The assignment was "Strangest place you've been to", so I exaggerated this one group interview for Hoover salesmen that I went to.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Le new semester

PSYCHE I don't actually have any evidence of the work I've done so far, so I'm just going to write even though I know no one's interested in words.

This semester's already crazy and we're not even a fortnight through. I'm finally taking Traditional Animation I, which is both blessing and curse; blessing because, dude, animation, and curse because DUDE... shit takes time, and doing homework for my other classes has become quite the challenge. For instance, I am ridiculously behind in 3D design. My classes are all cool, I just need to work harder to make more time for them Also, tail bounces are not easy.

I'll upload process shite for my current perspective piece, but in the meantime, here's my new profile picture (spoiler, it's actually old):

Have yet to draw a more accurate self portrait.

                                                Sketch done over thanksgiving break in Columbus Georgia. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Yeah, I don't know german. Claymation rocks, definitely gonna keep messing with it. I need to start incorporating sound.