Saturday, July 31, 2010

GEEZ LOUIZ. I HATE this portrait project, or rather, my inability to come up with a good background and the insufficient amount of time and tablets that I have to use.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, after nearly three weeks of art camp, I'm dubious as to how portfolio worthy the thinks I've created in class are. I have two character sheets, two three-dee models, a digital painting in progress, and scads of figure drawings, most of which are gestural and only one of which appears remotely finished. And now, only hours after I created said drawing, just looking at it makes me kind of sick. It amuses me how I can be intensely proud of a piece and then quickly come to hate it. It's just that the drawing in question looks a fair bit flatter and a good bit more hideous than it seemed upon completion. For the sake of keeping this blog updated, I will post the drawing in question.

I just. Ugh. Looks kind of horrendous. I felt like I had a great gesture, but after an hour of working it seems like everything went downhill. CRIPES. At least we have one more session of figure drawing, so maybe I'll be able to create a more worthwhile observational piece.

Anyway, I've long since realized that art camp is just a teaser for art school, but I'm doubting whether or not the effort I exerted has been sufficient to make up for the short time I have here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AAAAGH new character. It's for out digital painting class, and I decided to do a portrait of currently nameless girl. Sorry I haven't been spammin' the blog with new things, but mostly I've been practicing traditional painting, which does not involve sitting on a computer.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010




I want more time to finish thisssss.





I've spent way too many hours on this frog, and probably won't have time to finish anything else.

BUT IT'S SO COOL. All my wangstin' tears were worth it.

No wangstin' today!

It's been an hour and a half of class now and I still have yet to cry! My life is le awesome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Finally, something that isn't angsty!


After struggling on Bette Davis' face for way too long I gave up, and switched to Ayan Hirsi Ali's. Some of my friends don't notice my angsty tears of bitter because I cover it up with jokes; but, even as I'm laughing, my soul is peeling away, one brush stroke at a time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is ridiculous.

Seriously, how many times have I posted today?

But, truly, this is a revelation. I finally made a simple enough z-skeleton that could translate into polygons. Of course I stick with a generic looking frog, because I have no imagination, but fuck it.

I hate everything.



This isn't a creature that I want to draw; I'm just demonstrating, once again, that I'm two hours behind everyone (with all these blog updates, it's probably more like three). As everyone is cleaning up their creature drawings, I'm still figuring out how to make z-spheres look like anything.


I think the title explains it. I figured out how to drag the z-sphere around about a half hour after everyone else and I think my teacher has stopped taking me seriously.

Actually, I'm TWO hours behind everyone else, and posting this blog isn't exactly helping.

Z-brush shenanigans

I wanted to cry at first, but three hours later I managed to flesh out a dude. That's my soul in his sad face, cringing at my ineptness.

If I were slightly less stable I would definitely be hyperventilating. Typing in my blog when Mister B is demonstrating isn't an especially good idea.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good god

After a week of this character development class, I feel lost now that it's over. WHAT WILL I DRAW IF NOT BOSTON TERRIERS AND GERMAN SCHNAUZERS?!?!?




Thursday, July 15, 2010

FINITO. One more to go!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I love being pressed for time. WIP.

Terrier pose

I'm so behind. I need to shorten the arms, make an out-fit, and draw the anthro-schauzer and do the same and make them look nice AAAGH THIS IS ALL DUE FRIDAY.


So much to do. Just a WIP, for critiques.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These files are so huge-ass.

So I've narrowed my character's breed down to either a boston terrier, of a german schauzer. I love the possibilities for both of them: with the terrier, I have what looks like kind of a high strung workaholic who needs to mellow out every once in a while, whereas the Schauzer's very level headed, very "einz zwei einz zwei" (can't spell).

I think I wanna do more traditional media sketches. Also, gotta start figuring out an outfit and time period.


This has nothing to do with the project, but this image just makes me break out into a big, goofy grin.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Ugh, really blank. running out of time.

Good link(s) Has a ton of registered dog breeds.

Should look into 'therapy dogs.'

Maybe Boston terrier, like Boston M.D.

Bahaha, I should be drawing but I'mma sneak in a blog comment. My shattered self esteem isn't quite as shattered. I think I'm just getting used to the idea of not being the only artist around. Hopefully I'll get back up and be able to feel good about drawing again.

Still researching, but I think I need to start doing some ideations. Bt-dubs, this sketchbook pro program that I'm using is like a revelation. I've been dimming the opacity of pasted images and then tracing over them, to get a better idea of how to draw, say, Boston terriers. I like that they have flat faces, because they lend themselves to a lot of articles of clothing, like those mouth covers. However, I've also been looking at other breeds, to find personalities compatible with doctor-ing. I looked up therapy dogs, but I don't think they are confined to a single breed.

I worry that I'm behind, but i think I'll chill in the computer lab (which I think is open to me for awhile). I want to make sure that I do enough research.

Design in progress

No sketching yet, just research. Need to design a "dig doctor," want to avoid stereotypical looking lab dog. At the left is a collage of potential references, ripped from site whose names I no longer recall.

Reading descriptions of dog in the Chinese zodiac. According to this site dogs are the most "humanitarian" of all the signs.

Need time period of doctor, location, and what kind of practice. If I choose an earlier period, the dog-tor will probably be less specialized in his practice.


There will be a dog and a human character, the human personality derived from the dog's.

Edit: Not claiming that this is original work. i traced over these pictures in photoshop to ge a better idea of how to draw a dog.



In my current design class, I am ahead of everyone in only one way: I have a blog already set up. Everything else? Like, drawing? And designing? Geez man, I never thought I could be so bad at something I'm supposed to be good at. We're supposed to draw shapes, then fill them in with characters.


I guess that's a slight exaggeration. But, while I may have some ability left, it isn't showing right now. And I'm sure an impending period doesn't help things either. I also feel extraordinarily intimidated by everyone else. Like, I'm just some retard who walked in. It's cool, yo.

This one grad who walked in was like, the difference between a hobby and, I dunno, a livelihood, is about six or eight hours a day. I need to fill in those six or eight hours. Sorry friends; you can hang out with me, but I can't talk to you. I'll just draw you.

So I'mma use this blog as my class blog. I don't wanna fail this class (how pathetic) so I hope this works out.