Monday, July 12, 2010

Good link(s) Has a ton of registered dog breeds.

Should look into 'therapy dogs.'

Maybe Boston terrier, like Boston M.D.

Bahaha, I should be drawing but I'mma sneak in a blog comment. My shattered self esteem isn't quite as shattered. I think I'm just getting used to the idea of not being the only artist around. Hopefully I'll get back up and be able to feel good about drawing again.

Still researching, but I think I need to start doing some ideations. Bt-dubs, this sketchbook pro program that I'm using is like a revelation. I've been dimming the opacity of pasted images and then tracing over them, to get a better idea of how to draw, say, Boston terriers. I like that they have flat faces, because they lend themselves to a lot of articles of clothing, like those mouth covers. However, I've also been looking at other breeds, to find personalities compatible with doctor-ing. I looked up therapy dogs, but I don't think they are confined to a single breed.

I worry that I'm behind, but i think I'll chill in the computer lab (which I think is open to me for awhile). I want to make sure that I do enough research.

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