Saturday, December 4, 2010

For a second, I thought I was sick of Dirty Projectors. I'm glad it was only a second though, because their music is really beautiful to me.

What is less beautiful is my Figure drawing final. I realized the folly of trying to skip lower level courses; foundation classes are always good. Taking a class because you think you will make good portfolio work doesn't work unless you actually can produce good work.

So, my final for figure? It's open ended as all get out; it needs to look like you spent thirty hours on it, and have "figurative elements." Easy? No. It's due in two Tuesdays. I went to an extra figure drawing session today. Had bought some nice Arches yesterday, and today it was all I could do to stop myself from crying because I felt like I was wasting it. It sucks not being able to draw well when you're an art major.

To make things worse I still don't know what to do for my project. I was gonna do gesture washes and then add line work, but only in one area. I... nothing worked today.

So I could scan some pictures... naaaah. I really just want to sleep.

But all is not sucky in the land of EMU. I found out yesterday that I got that $1500 scholarship I applied for a month ago. I thought I didn't get it because they never sent me an email update. It was for freshmen art majors, so... yay. Someone must think I don't suck.

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