Monday, April 25, 2011

aRRRRRRT part dos

What do you mean there's more?! By the way, I suck at photographing art, and at formatting images with the text in the blog. I feel like everyone else knows something I don't. Anyway.

More still lifes! This was earlier in the winter semester. I struggle with rendering in charcoal, guys. I can draw forms, but using charcoal to give them depth is something that I have yet to grasp. Anyway, this bitch features a hipster shoe, a mason jar, and a sweet potato, so I guess it's a'ight.

This is a locking caribeaner, which Mozilla firefox has no idea how to spell, and neither do I. Also, I am scads better at typing than I used to be! Holy moley.

One day I'll get better at documenting work, I swear.

My mom totally gave me a dead, frozen squirrel to use as a reference for this. I love my mom.

Another piece for the same assignment as the squirrel. This was retarded and last minute.

This was an attempt to redeem myself for the retardedness of the mummy cat debacle. And that was drawing two, guys. Actual art school should be way more intense, but it was still a good semester. Really good. I feel like I got out slightly more often and did a few more things than I did first semester. I love college.

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