Friday, September 16, 2011


Little Boat by Nelson Boles... is a really good video. I typed that during dipsy (Digital Painting Sketch Club) just to make note of it.

The reason why our generation is potent/impotent? The interwebs, a double edged sword if ever there was one. I keep looking through other people's blogs and reading about their lives instead of living my own... and doing my freakin' pershpective assignment. I'm glad I managed to get in some decent socializing yesterday, because I'll have no time for such things for the rest of the weekend.

Good gravy. I need to close this mo' effin' browser, stop moping about the system, and get on with my life.

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  1. Nelson Boles is amazing, I've been tracking his progress at CalArts and his 2 other short films are worth watching as well. That boy is going places. I feel your pain about the much wasted time D: