Saturday, November 19, 2011

T shirt idea

Yo dawgs! This is a t-shirt design I've had in mind for awhile now, thought it'd be time to start fleshing something out. These are glorified thumbnails, but if you have any suggestions, please share them!

In other news, I've been bad. The academic center closed at ten, and I'm still here. It's midnight. Also, bill for tuition is due for a few weeks, and it's very le sad. Next semester we're actually gonna start animating, which is cool, 'cause, you know, I wanna study animation. BUT AT WHAT PRICE?!

But at least turkey day's coming up. Poor turkeys. Bastards can't even naturally reproduce because they're bred to have these MONSTROUS BREASTS that get in the way of, um, having sex. Cripes.


  1. Why is it bad to be at the academic center at midnight?

    Have u seen Food Inc. by any chance?

  2. It's bad to be at the AC at the mid of night because it closes at ten. And no, I have not seen food inc in it's entirety, but I gather it's pretty eye opening. Is it?