Monday, March 12, 2012

Cafe sketch dump

CAFE SKETCHESSSSS. So, spring break was cool, except that I couldn't get all the work done that I needed to. Perspective is going to kill me. Fucking windmills! Now I know what Don Quixote had against them. But still. I love Georgia, and my grandparents. I miss the hills already.

I TRY TO DRAW SPACES MAN. SHIT AIN'T EASY. It's the attic of my grandparent's barn. And of course, Little Boy Derp offering Phathorse a lollipop. Deleted scene from our midterm. In other news, finally filled up my blue sketch book I've been nursing since fuckin' July. Moving on! Time to stop being so fearful about drawing and filling up books. Just gotta keep drawing, man.


  1. Could I get a dated and signed print of that last drawing, shit be epic.

    On the real, great stuff lately, your drawings are always very interesting