Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stress sketches

The other day I didn't know what to do with my life and my friend was like, "Why don't you draw something?" and I was like, "Draw what?" and she was like, "I dunno, just doodle." "You mean for fun?" I said. "Don't be ridiculous. I'll just do homework."

But then the next day I was crying over TA (traditional animation) and all I wanted to do was draw angry faces.

 My character for my current animation assignment has been giving me some grief, to say the least.
Other pissed off faces. I think that mustachio'd baby thing in the middle's my favorite.


  1. These are great frustration sketches! I feel the same, only want to draw angry faces

  2. Haha cool doodles! love dat moustache

  3. Awesome Adele! I always find that sketching for myself makes me feel good, better than when I work for class. I try to sketch for myself when I have free time. I feel it makes my classwork better.