Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Howzes and other doodles

Hey! I've compiled some evidence to demonstrate that my life hasn't entirely been an artistic desert (no one said it had to be compelling evidence).

If you're at all perplexed by the stunning, instagram-esque quality of the images, it's because I uploaded them with my scanner that looks and works sneakingly like a camera. Here's an... honest rendition of my dad.

       I visited one of my old roommates, and drew her nose and her cat, Donut, who is almost perfectly spherical.

Lately whenever I go on a run I bring along my sketchbook so I can practice drawing houses. This doodle isn't much, but I liked the note I wrote: Flamboleo and Brulee-et. A forbidden love between disparate food stuffs, very reminiscent of "The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete." 

                       I don't know why, but my scanner kept picking up traces of thumbs in my images.

                                                     Mr Beetle, just checking out the real estate.

                                   Whoever's thumb this is really needs to start washing under the nail.

                              Because combover pompadour... things... look good on anyone, especially monkeys.

                                       Me, pretending that I'm doing the 30 day drawing challenge.

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