Friday, October 1, 2010

For the sake of sanity, never, ever buy a flexi-sketch book. The cover WILL fall off, and you WILL want to rip out the left kidney of the person standing nearest to you. It was a gift, and I do appreciate it, but.

I attempted to take web cam photos of my sketch book. The strain of trying to hold this floppy thing (sketchbook, not my penis) still, position it correctly and manage not to take shitty pictures was too much to bear. I will try it once more, though, as I am a glut for this sort of pain.

It is 24 hour comic day. FUUUCCCKKK guess who isn't gonna do it.

There is an image. The fluorescent lighting of the dorm probably isn't doing great things for it, but it's the first thing I've uploaded since camp. What I would do to return there...

There are some artist types around here, I'm sure. Must find them.

So I went to a wedding rehearsal dinner with my friend. The event itself wasn't hugely memorable for me, but the things we said were pure gold, like talking about our respective clitorises and non existent penises within church walls.

In the bathroom stalls of this restaurant, my friend was noting that people who didn't know us would think we were lesbian lovers, to which I responded:

"...What if we just exchanged significant looks, and started having rough sex on the bathroom floor ."

My friend didn't stop laughing about my choice of the word 'significant' for several minutes. It was a beautiful moment in our friendship.

I am straight, even if I'm not very good at it.

A note to everyone: learn how to type when everyone else is learning how to type. Frickin' A.

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