Sunday, October 3, 2010

I need to follow more people here, so that I get more updates. That, or I log on too gosh darned often.


Fuckin' narcissist.

This weekend marks the first time I actually spent a substantial part of the weekend on campus. I ate dinner at a friend's house, walked around barefoot, ran in the rain, and spent way too much time listening to the radio. I tried to watch a foreign film, but not only was it dubbed, it also had mismatching subtitles. I got angry and stormed out... which was not so much a storm so much as I creeped out timidly not wanting to look like I had no taste. Also, Firefox doesn't seem to think that the verb form of creep has a past tense. WELL, YOU ALSO DON'T THINK THAT THYLAKOID IS A WORD, SO THAT SHOWS WHAT YOU KNOW.

Also went out for sushi with Life Partner for her birthday. Was reminded that sesame seaweed salad is AWESOME. Was also reminded of earlier days of our friendship, which was a little less than awesome. But a good time, nonetheless.

Once again, I'm glad nobody follows this. I am obnoxious XD I also should sleep if my intention is to wake up early to do math homework.

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