Monday, October 4, 2010

Fuck sleep.

I have a nine thirty figure drawing class tomorrow and I am hell bent on showing up entirely un-rested (and likely un-shoed, as well).

Also, here is another doodle that was borne from hearing a certain Avett Brothers song one too many times and having entirely too few hours of sleep:

While I'm not sleeping, I'd like all two of the people who follow this blog to direct their attention to this review of The Social Network:

Several people have commented angrily on the generalizations thrust upon so called Gen Y, hinting that we're just a bunch of self indulgent narcissists. I don't want people to judge things without acquainting themselves with the context, but this remark was particularly salient: "Gen Y has never been about putting something good out into the world; it’s been about putting themselves out into the world." This isn't necessarily the author's opinion, but mainly a comment on the film's message The review wasn't an indictment against Gen Y . It was a favorable review about an apparently half-decent and culturally pertinent movie. And any movie pertinent to the internet age is inevitably going to have to deal with negotiating the stereotype of the current generation.

But, for my part... I feel like I sort of typify one of these narcissists. I have blog for chrissakes. I draw a few too many self portraits (I remember my dad commenting disdainfully on Durer, saying, "He would want to draw something beautiful and inevitably turn to himself for subject matter." Not verbatim). Much of my writing and drawing are visual representations of conversations with myself.

On the topic of narcissism, though... I wouldn't say I'm in love with myself. Am I interested in myself? Very much so, not only from a self preservation stand point, but also because I thoroughly amuse myself with my foibles and downfalls. I think I have too much self loathing (whether it's true or superficial I'm unsure) to say that I have excessive self love.

I forget which character said this, but s/he suggested that if you weren't interested by yourself then you were boring, and s/he never wanted to be that person.

I dunno. What concerns me more is what a pelvis looks like from a 3/4 angle. Apparently, it's a big concern for animation students.


God, I really do need to sleep.

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