Thursday, October 7, 2010

I FRICKIN' LOVE MATT AND KIM. They inspired me to create the phrase "Sonic courage" (as opposed to liquid courage).

Anyway, today, today was good. I got up, dashed off to figure drawing, drew this model whom I find COMPLETELY GORGEOUS. I love her poses.

Then I went to bio lab. I was exhausted, having not slept the night before. (On a side note, I cannot multitask- I'm listening to "Yeah yeah yeah" by Jack Conte, and it is making it difficult to type.)So I was struggling to keep my head off of the desk for much of the hour. BUT I GOT TO HOLD A MADAGASCAR HISSING COCKROACH AND BUBBLES THE BEARDED DRAGON. AUGH (that's my approximation of the "I came" noise). Then I went slacking for like an hour and it was SO gorgeous outside. I was walking with my friends after lab let out to grab food, and since I was wearing my glasses I could yet make out a thin yellow line across the lake and I was like, "Guaiz, the slack line is up. I must part," and they were like "NO GET BAGELS WITH US" and I was like "But it's been a week since I last slacked. WHAT IF IT'S A MIRAGE AND IT DISAPPEARS AFTER WE EAT" and they were like "Dude."

I assented and got food with them, but I went over to the trees and it wasn't a dream, and there was much slacking. I even saw Scott, whom I haven't seen in a month, so that was nice. Trying to master the sit down start and other foreign stand up moves. Also saw Ian from the gym. ARG I hope no one uses this blog to track people down. Sheee-it.

THEN I CLIMBED AND I WASN'T A THIRD WHEEL AND I ACTUALLY CLIMBED TOP ROPE. Fuck yeah. Fuck. Yeah. I'm still weak, but maybe slightly less so. Also might have a reliable climbing partner and reason to go multiple times a week.

AND AFTER I THRASHED MYSELF I WASN'T CONTENT TO JUST EAT AND SLEEP, so I tried to learn the Thriller dance with a bunch of people from the dorm. I showed up and people were like "Oh, you're Adele? You draw?" and one dude was like "YOUR COAT IS AWESOME" and another chick was like "Did you cut yourself rock climbing?" and I'm like HOW DO YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT ME. Then I learned that it was open door night.

Good times, yo. Good, times.

I've even started on the thirty day sketchbook challenge! Will scan when ready.

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