Monday, October 11, 2010

Da weekend... was gewd. The weather in Kentucky was lovely, and my parents and I climbed us some rocks. I CLIMB WITH MY FAMILY. DEAL WITH IT.

In addition to the general top-roping that I normally do, I also led (lead? I forget verb conjugations) two routes; well, almost. The first one was a five star 5.8 (27 years of climbing) and the second I didn't realize until most of the way up that it was a 5.10 C... at which point I realized just how phobic of lead-climbing I am. I was just five feet away from the anchors when I was on an inclining slope, and literally just had to trust that my feet would stick to the wall without the use of hand holds... but instead I cried. Ma had to finish the route, and I did the last move on top rope. Upon climbing the route on top rope all I could think was "how the BALLS did I lead this."

It's stupid, because I love heights, roller coasters, slides, and the like, but I can't seem to reconcile my fear of falling on lead.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT: the hardest route I ever led out doors was a nine. Like, four years ago. SO WHATEVER. This was quite the accomplishment for me. I just need to practice falling and it'll all be good.

We finished the trip by stopping at Miguel's Pizza, where I fondled a 7-week old puppy and slacked on the slackline.

But now I must study math. I'll have scans posted from the sketch book challenge momentarily.

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