Friday, October 15, 2010

ANother entry sans images

Frickin' A, yo.

So I climbed yesterday, and then I went climbing again today expecting not to be exhausted. That was some dream.

But it didn't matter, because today they had a SLACKLINE SET UP. I probably came. I couldn't concentrate on this route I was climbing, firstly because I was tired, but secondly because the line was RIGHT THERE, behind us. To my partner I was like, Bro, just climb this. I can't climb anything while there's a slackline here.

I really enjoy slacking, you see, and I hadn't gotten a chance to do it since last Sunday. I was already experiencing withdrawal symptoms (i.e walking by the usual spot, even though from far away I know that no one's there, thinking about how much I want to slack, looking at far too many slacking videos on youtube...). So, you could say that I was happy. Or you could say that I was pissing-my-pants-overjoyed. One of those would be correct.

There are so many things I need to do, but... all I ever wanted to do is slack.

BT-Dubs Gorillaz was awesome.

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