Saturday, October 16, 2010


I fear I may be on my way to losing at college.

The day began innocuously enough: I woke up this to my roommate's Flight of the Conchords cd. It didn't quite inject me with the amount of get-up-and-go that I was expecting, but I managed to roll out of bed at 9:30-ish anyway. I then proceeded to drive to a nearby lake, where it was rumored that a kitten had been wandering around. I found no such kitten, but I did walk around in the mud for a bit.

When I returned to my dorm, instead of beginning my studies I broke open some David Sedaris and cranked up the NPR. My roommates and I bought food-like substances, I almost killed everyone on the way home. The usual. When we did make it back to the dorm we watched some cat show on Animal Planet and I proceeded to nap. My roommate entreated me to begin my homework, so I groggily made a cup of hot cocoa, foolishly believing that that would have fuck-all effect on my focus.

I have since spent the last two hours of my life reading up on "Cracked", while distinctly failing to achieve anything. I don't even have the focus to read through an entire(ly short) article, so what hope is there for my studies?

Basically, this is another annoyingly self-absorbed post about me failing at life. At some point the looming specter of the GPA should float along (it is the spectral time of year, after all) and sufficiently terrify me into doing my work.

I'm always amazed at my capacity to waste time.

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