Monday, October 18, 2010


Do figure drawing homework; that is find four unconventional ways of manipulating a paper surface.

Begin Bio Lab. 'Cause it'll take FO-EVA.

Finish "Love Medicine."


Research slack-lines, and figure out which one(s) I need to get.

Good shit... so I went to Snack and Study, which was pretty heavy on the snack and very light on the study. But fun nonetheless. I listened to the Slack-liners various harrowing tales of creeper encounters, and learned the 6 o'clock 12-o'clock method of telling direction. Well, I suppose I sort of already knew it, but I had never used it to help scope out a creeper.

Hold up, I gotta start some tea.

Also, ran my rave run today around the lake with mah running broski. It was overcast, but the lake was nothing less than spectacular. I also used this run to justify eating a burger and fries, as well as four donuts.

Called my dad, stepma and sister. They had me on speaker phone, so the exchange ended up being a ten minute confusion of my trying to understand what everyone was saying, and of me failing to do so.

My body's started to get used to this whole 'seven hours of sleep a night' thing. WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SLEEP SCHEDULES, HUH. THEY'RE ALL WHORES. While this is admittedly much better for my body, given my level of activity, it makes it difficult for me to justify pulling all-nighters.

Okay... priority number one: figure drawing. Then bio, then lit. LET'S DO THIS.

Huuurrrrrr I'm already getting tired. It is just eleven o'clock. My tea is still too hot to drink. Fuh.

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